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04:36 Why I Cant Engineer Rick Ross Parody
1:29:02 Live Beatmaking With Crank Lucas
03:36 How R Kelly Was In His Interview
03:16 When Rap Gets Too Offensive
03:25 How Uncle Junior Responds To A Diss
01:33 Why Do Some Rappers Lie About Being In Gangs
03:50 When Your Engineer Doesnt Like Your Aura
02:04 If 21 Savage Was Actually British
04:28 Different Bag Official Music Video Crank Lucas
03:12 Old School Eminem Be Like
02:38 Three Types Of Rappers These Days
01:20 Evolution Of Hip Hop Drug Songs
01:50 Rappers Back In The Day Vs Rappers Now
02:24 Why I Couldnt Engineer Kendrick Lamar
02:16 Why I Cant Engineer Quavo
01:57 Gangsta Rappers Vs Emotional Rappers
01:49 Eminem Be Like