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03:25 Star Liner Artcore Feryquitous
04:02 Shakah Diverse System Saqriphrx Feryquitous
04:19 Kairikou Feryquitous Feat. Aitsuki Nakuru
03:52 Feryquitous 胎降
04:21 エーテル Feryquitous Feat. 藍月なくる
03:54 Artcore Feryquitous / Machina Full Ver
04:19 エーテル Feryquitous Feat. 藍月なくる
03:51 Feryquitous Feat. Sennzai Kaitul
05:37 宵の袂 夜と二人 Raqesque Delicious Solaris Feryquitous
05:16 Battery Exhausted Feryquitous
05:53 夕立と嘘 Raqesque Crimson Raincoat Feryquitous
03:59 Feryquitous Dedjav
05:13 Feryquitous 転瞬 Turning Point
05:07 Feryquitous Feat. Sennzai Hexea
06:19 Central Nucleus DNB Feryquitous
04:14 Cydral Artcore Feryquitous
04:58 Lifill Long Ver Feryquitous Feat. Sennzai