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04:53 What You Might Not Know About Us & Why We Are Brothers 247hh Exclusive Taylor Girlz
13:45 Caught Cheating On Your Boyfriend Prank On Daysha From Taylorgirlz!!!!
19:05 Your Kitty Stink Prank On Ti From Taylorgirlz!!!!!
11:23 Embarrassing Arguments In Public Prank!!! Feat. Taylor Girlz Extremely Funny
02:27 Big Ole Booty Official Audio Taylor Girlz
12:26 Calling Us Daddy In Front Of Your Dad Prank On Taylor Girlz Dad!!!
02:30 Taylor Girlz Break Down The Positive Spin Behind Steal Her Man
03:16 Bae With Me Feat. Ti Taylor Official Video Dae Dae
03:52 One Percent Official Music Video Feat. Kap G Taylor Girlz
00:55 Baby Girl You Need To Drop Him Ig Original Taylor Girlz X Queen
10:38 Daysha P00P3D In Ar Mon S Mouth Prank!!! On Trey And Ti!!!
02:30 Taylor Girlz Talk About How Many Men They Stole
02:24 Exposed Lyrics Trinity Taylor Feat. Taylor Girlz
00:45 Taylor Girlz Water Diamonds Funny
03:13 Steal Her Man Feat. Trinity Taylor Behind The Scenes Taylor Girlz
05:01 Man Thot Roll In Peace Remix Reaction TAYLOR GIRLZ
11:58 Taylor Girlz Live Performance And Exclusive Interview Steal Her Man / Georgia