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03:08 Nishaachaga Official Audio NAY WA MITEGO Feat. MTAFYA X NINITZ
02:37 Mbele Kwa Mbele Official Music Video Nay Wa Mitego
03:09 Mtafya Feat. Nay Wamitego Mr Nay Naiona Official Video
02:41 Michano Nay Wa Mitego
03:29 Alisema Official Video Nay Wa Mitego
03:22 Hakuna Maisha Magumu Nay Wa Mitego MrNay
03:28 Makuzi Official Video Nay Wa Mitego
03:45 Saka Hela Nay Wa Mitego Mr Nay
04:09 Nasema Nao Official Video Ney Wa Mitego
04:47 Akadumba Official Video Nay Wa Mitego
04:27 Nakula Ujana Official Video Nay Wamitego
04:09 Nay Wa Mitego Itafahamika Official Video
04:08 Mr Nay Official Video Nay Wa Mitego
04:26 U Heard Nay Wa Mitego Kukutwa Na Ndumba SHILAWADU
03:31 Mwaka Wa Roho Mbaya Official Video Nay Wa Mitego
04:14 Sijachukia Official Video B GWAY Feat. NAY WAMITEGO
03:13 Lowassa /Chadema NAY WA MITEGO