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02:28 Legend About Ancient Fights Olga Podluzhnaya
24:26 Mystic Sound Olena Uutai
05:41 Olga Podluzhnaya Uutai Şan Kopuz Blessing Of Nature
04:27 Freezing Strana 03 Feat. Olga Podluzhnaya
05:01 Inner Fight strana03 Feat. Olga Podluzhnaya
04:42 Demir Kopuz
06:04 Альбина Дегтярёва Хоомей В Центре Азии Открытие
05:18 Uutai Live Jew S Harp Plexus Music Olga Podluzhnaya
02:48 Olena Uutai Studio Shamanic Act
02:32 Olena Uutai Horse Races
05:05 Yakut Sakha Turks Julia Юлияна Uhuktuu Уhуктуу
00:57 Ethnic Music Of Yakutia Yuliana
04:28 Freezing Best World Instrumental Chillout Relax P Hq Mu O Strana 03 Feat. Olga Podluzhnaya
13:40 Olena Podluzhnaya Live Ancient Trance
17:38 My 35 Favorite Most Played Songs From The Turkic Countries
05:47 Moon Eclipse Thanks To Turgen Kam For Amazing Shaman Music
02:57 Olena Podluzhnaya Ozora