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37:32 Vol Iii Halfway Happy Full Stream VCTMS
03:32 Was It Worth It Feat. Patrick Somoulay Of Reflections Official Music Video New VCTMS
03:55 Devil S // Door Feat. Aiden Versteegh Of Falsifier New Song VCTMS
02:53 Stasis Feat. Frankie Palmeri VCTMS
02:35 Crippling // Form Music Video Chugcore Exclusive VCTMS
03:02 The Relapse Process Feat. Darius Tehrani Of Spite Official Music Video VCTMS
41:15 Vol Ii Inside The Mind Full Stream Chugcore Exclusive VCTMS
03:20 Tape // Worm VCTMS
03:08 Subdued Official Music Video Chugcore Exclusive VCTMS
02:23 Sick // Tired Feat. Devin Mcgillivray Of Yuth Forever Official Music Video VCTMS
02:39 Cognitive // Closure Music Video Chugcore Exclusive VCTMS
03:32 The Past Tense Feat. Tyler Shelton
02:42 Ask Yourself
27:33 Sickness Vol 1 Full Ep Stream VCTMS
03:20 One Step Closer Linkin Park Cover VCTMS
04:49 Down With The Sickness Disturbed Cover VCTMS
02:57 The Relapse Process Drum Playthrough VCTMS