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04:27 J Paul Jr Feat. Lil Russ "Love In The Stable Remix
04:33 #Loveinthestable
03:05 J Paul Jr "You Deserve"
03:16 J Paul Jr "Drowning"
03:35 J Paul Jr "Kryptonite"
03:39 J Paul Jr So Lovely
04:43 Try 2 Love 2 Lil Nate
05:26 J Paul Jr Where You Are
03:20 J Paul Jr "Advantage"
04:01 She Like That Wood
05:28 It S All Right
07:22 Your Way!!
03:22 J Paul Perfect Ten
03:50 Here To Stay
04:19 Dancing In The Streets J Paul Jr
03:33 Heads Or Tails J Paul Jr
03:31 Zydeco Trappin Feat. Baldenna Tha King J Paul Jr