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04:00 Goodbye High School By Kaitee Dal Pra Graduation Song
05:35 Goodbye High School Kaitee Dal Pra Dedicated For Iv Japan Student Of Sprcnhs
04:00 Goodbye High School
01:43 Kaitee Dal Pra
03:27 Summer Time By Kaitee Dal Pra
04:04 Dangerous By Kaitee Dal Pra
03:26 Summer Time
04:42 Goodbye High School Esok Lirik
04:37 Love Like That
07:54 "Goodbye High School" Music Video
03:54 Closer To Alive
03:59 Autumn Rust
04:44 What Are Your Friends For
04:00 By Kaitee Dal Pra Autumn Rust
03:28 An Original Song About Graduating Goodbye