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03:25 Amish Paradise Parody Of "Gangsta S Paradise" "Weird" Al Yankovic
03:21 Weird Al Amish Paradise Lyrics
04:46 Amish Paradise Official Music Video "Weird Al" Yankovic
02:51 White & Nerdy Official Video "Weird Al" Yankovic
03:24 Amish Paradise Parody Of "Gangsta S Paradise" By Coolio
04:11 Like A Surgeon "Weird Al" Yankovic
04:56 Fat "Weird Al" Yankovic
03:44 Smells Like Nirvana "Weird Al" Yankovic
04:17 Gangsta S Paradise Feat. L V Music Video Coolio
05:37 The Saga Begins "Weird Al" Yankovic
03:30 Eat It "Weird Al" Yankovic
03:26 Weird Al Amish Paradise Live
02:28 Amish Paradise Weird Al
02:57 Party In The Cia Parody Of "Party In The U S A " By Miley Cyrus "Weird Al" Yankovic
03:25 Weird Al Yankovic Amish Paradise Tras Pra Frente BACKWARDS
01:26 Weird Al And Coolio